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  • Keynote Speaking

James O'Connor (aka: Joc) has been engaging and inspiring audiences with his list of Keynote Presentations.

As the Host of Top 40 World Wide JocX Podcast, his messages in his keynote Presentations have the power to inspire cultural change within an organisation and take their Games to a New Level!

As an Expert Leadership and Team Coach, along with numerous stories and anecdotes with his weekly conversations with World Class Performers, James presentations inspire, engage and leave a lasting effect on his audiences.​

​He is the perfect choice to be your next Guest Speaker.

Prior to any engagement, James works with the companies or associations key people to ensure his message is an exact fit for where the organisation & it’s people are at.

Engage James to deliver one of his high energy, high humor, high content presentations that actually provides practical tools that can be put into action via audience members.

Note: James reduces his fees for Not-for-Profit Organisations & Schools.