AFL Coaching legend Mick Malthouse and High Performance Guru David Buttifant sit down on the JocX Podcast and discuss in depth Great Leadership, Great Teams and Producing Great Performances. With decades of experience competing and conquering the elite and extremely competitive AFL world, Mick and David have started a new company called Keen Edge. It has the Vision to create specific programs that can enable people and organisations to achieve success. This conversation will take your Leadership and overall performance to a new level with great insights and great advice!!


How to Listen:

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Where to Find Mick and David:

Twitter: @buttersO2 (David Buttifant) say hello..!! Mick Malthouse Personal website.


Workshops with Mick and David:

June 7th in Melbourne: Effective and Authentic Leadership


Books Recommended:

Man’s Search for Meaning

The Ox is Slow, but the Earth is Patient (Mick and David’s Book)

Malthouse: A life in Football (Mick’s Autobiography)


Peace + Greatness






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