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Hi, James O’Connor here. If you ever wanted to take your team to an Elite Level than this is the place for you. You will find many great Tips, Strategies and Podcasts covering many related topics such as achieving High Performance Team Culture, Reaching Peak Performance State, Leadership and Team Analysis/Review that contain the essential elements required for success in your chosen Team arena.

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Hi, I'm the Director and Head Coach of Elite Team Leadership and Host of the JocX Podcast: Empowering Your Greatness. I formerly competed in 2 Sports at National level. I have a history of working with Elite individuals and Teams as a Performance Coach and have spend over 10 years focusing on what makes a Great Team, Leader and Overall Great Performance!  I now Head up the Program Development at Elite Team Leadership.

I am an accredited Life Coach and NLP Practitioner who has a Bachelor Degree in Commerce Majoring in Sports Management and Management. As a Coach I have extensive experience as a Team and Leadership Coach with Elite Sport Programs and Corporate Businesses. My past experience  also includes Coordinating International Level Sporting Events and having successful career as an Corporate Sales Executive.  I have a love affair with Running, Surfing, Football, Podcasts, Coffee and Crazy Challenges!

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